Best of 2018

I listen to an awful lot of music every day, it’s my job and responsibility as a radio presenter. But most of all, it’s a labour of love digging out interesting stuff, making new discoveries in all directions. The end of the year makes me think of my ultimate favourite tunes, which is never an easy thing to do. However, here’s some kind of a Best Of list with some records and artists I especially enjoyed in 2018.

Adrianne Lenker – “Abysskiss” (Saddle Creek)

Some of you are probably familiar with Lenker as a guitarist and vocalist in Brooklyn-based indie rock band Big Thief. Her full-length solo record is a stripped-down singer-/songwriter approach and with this, she’s covering intimate emotions on her stroll along the abyss. In a way it’s hauntingly intense, but nevertheless comfort for your soul. Adrianne Lenker shows a subtle, otherworldly brilliance with her light fingerpicking on acoustic guitar while her songs are thoughtful, deep and poignant. And with this combination, there’s a true affinity to other outstanding artists like Judee Sill or Connie Converse.


Ari Roar – “Calm Down” (Bella Union)

Sometimes it’s true: great art comes from great pain. Adrianne Lenker has quite a history with being born into a religious cult and she almost died, when a railroad spike crashed her skull as a kid. And she managed to create something special in the wake of the tragedy, just like Caleb Campbell alias Ari Roar. The Texan singer-songwriter struggled with panic attacks from early on. As a late teenager, he had an operation on the spine, which left him bed-bound for months. Of course, these experiences have an impact. And in this case, he’s doing the best by channelling it into beautiful melodic lo-fi pop. The sweet miniatures on Calm Down might sound effortlessly in the first place, but there’s something else underneath the surface, with traces of doubts and fear. It’s a glorious debut for repeat listens.


Clearance – “At Your Leisure” (Topshelf)

This band provides a compelling sound by picking up familiar indie rock in a modern way. They create something fresh and interesting and already got a lot of praise here in my blog. If you like passionate, bright guitar music from the 80ties and 90ties, you should listen to this one.


Field Music – “Open Here” (Memphis Industries)

Whenever there’s a new Field Music record, it always ends up in my top ten of the year. Again, the spacious production on Open Here is exquisite, the compositions are intricate and classy. Field Music are ambitious, but they have all the knowledge and the talent to follow their visions. It’s a beautiful and well-crafted record that needs to be heard, because it has something to say. Maybe it’s all a bit too smart to reach the big crowd – but I’m sure the time will eventually come and Field Music get all the praise they deserve.


Lake Ruth – “Birds of America” (Feral Child Records)

They like to go under the banner “baroque pop”, but there’s so much more to discover in the music of Lake Ruth: from folk to jazz to avant-pop. I’m a fan of Matt Schulz since his days with Enon – he’s an excellent, versatile drummer. And singer Allison Brice, she has a way of phrasing her poetic lyrics in meandering harmonies like no other. All backed-up by a multi-layered smooth texture with a slight vintage touch. Lake Ruth are quite unique doing their own thing, and Birds of America is nothing less but an awe-inspiring masterpiece.


Shy Boys – “Bell House” (Polyvinyl)

Undeniably, these guys know how to sing! And the harmonies all perfectly meld together. It’s a special quality that only happens, when siblings start a band. The family sound is so intriguing because the harmonies are amazingly organic. Music history is filled with such examples and just like Field Music, the Shy Boys are band of brothers, supported by a couple of best friends. I summoned up a rave review earlier this year in my little blog here.


Stephen Steinbrink – “Utopia Teased” (Melodic / Western Vinyl)

This singer-/songwriter is a terrific talent. And again, we have an artist here, who knows a lot about the dark stuff in life. Stephen Steinbrink was left devastated after a fateful fire during a warehouse party in Oakland, California that killed 36 people in December 2016. After a couple of months stunned with grief, Steinbrink quit a minimum wage job, locked himself up in a shipping container with all sorts of music equipment, stimulated by a daily diet of LSD. And the songs started pouring out of him. Utopia Teased sounds a bit different, less perfect than his previous records. It’s a bit more daring with field recordings and synthesizers, but again it’s a collection of beautiful songs with substance and a hidden treasure for eternity.


Still Parade – “Soon Enough” (Feel Flows)

This is a very fine piece of work from Berlin, but made with love in LA. It feels like Niklas Kramer had a very clear vision for his new Still Parade album and he obviously put a lot of effort and thought into it. It sounds warm like a cozy blanket and puts the listener at ease. Of course, the Beach Boys influence is evident, but in a clever way. Smart harmonies combined with a startling sense of intimacy, and the formidable production brings out a nice vintage flair. It’s the kind of music that makes the world a better place. Sometimes, that’s just what you need.


The Fernweh – “The Fernweh” (Skeleton Key)

Yes, I am repeating myself here – I already picked this album for my Best Of list two years ago! Back then, I received a promotional copy from the band directly. Thankfully, it just got a proper release via Skeleton Key because this sublime debut is really exceptional. It’s a beautiful collection of hazy late 60s, early 70s inspired folk and pop, combined with a gentle nod to British psychedelia. Treat yourself & give it a listen, if you’re not already familiar with this. The Fernweh demonstrate an exceptional level of song craft and the record deepens with every listen.


Tony Molina – “Kill The Lights” (Slumberland)

Tony Molina is deeply rooted in 60s songwriting and DIY aesthetics. With Kill The Lights, he created a truly glorious pop record by offering 10 tracks in under 15 minutes. His sensitive songs are infectious and short to the point. Just like Ari Roar, Tony Molina is able to put it all into a 60-second song and I never get tired of listening – again and again. This really is a lovely, but as well soul-baring record.


Teenage Fanclub – Vinyl-Reissues (Sony)

Why should I be interested into these reissues when I already have all the vinyl of Teenage Fanclub in my collection? Well, guitarist and singer Raymond McGinley of the band explained to me: back in the 90s, the vinyl was just a copy of the CD. But if you want the best vinyl sound, you need a special mastering. That’s basically, what Teenage Fanclub did: they took the original master tapes, worked through all of them at Abbey Road Studios and improved the mastering for this new vinyl edition. And it really does make a difference, especially the new pressing of 1993s Thirteen is now more immediate and has a much better dynamic. Also, each essential album includes a bonus seven-inch single, mostly of tracks which originally appeared only on CD singles and EPs. To promote all these reissues from the Creation era, Teenage Fanclub played a very special concert series in Great Britain. Here’s my review of the nights in Birmingham and London, which also marks my concert highlight of 2018.


SUPER 8 – T-T-T-Technicolour Melodies/Turn Around Or…/HI LO (Futureman Rec)

Frequent listeners of my radio show already know about SUPER 8 – Paul Ryan a.k.a. Trip got a lot of airplay in 2018. Not only, because he put out a lovely mix of guitar pop as a one-man-band with all sorts of instruments like cello and trumpet. He also managed to surprise again and again with new top material. Three homemade full lengths were released this year on Futureman Records and it’s hard to pick a favourite album really. Each release is kind of special and filled with a laid-back and sunny charm. Backed up now and again with some thoughtful songs and well-curated cover versions. It looks like SUPER 8 will be back in 2019 with a more acoustic-based album – a thing looking forward to!

23th December 2018

Goodbye Stress

Sind alle Weihnachtsbriefe in der Post? Tante Erna nicht vergessen? Kekse gebacken? Baum geschmückt? Lichterkette intakt? Geschenke verpackt? Wohnung auf Vordermann gebracht? Glühwein angesetzt für die Firmenfeier? Kuchen für den Kindergarten? Wichtelgeschenke für die Schule? Welches Menü wird serviert? Ofen kaputt, was mach ich jetzt mit der Gans? Sitzen noch Veganer mit am Tisch?

Alle Jahre wieder werden die Tage kurz vor Weihnachten noch mal richtig hektisch. Laut einer britischen Studie verbringen Hausfrauen (von Hausmännern ist in besagter Studie nicht die Rede) im Schnitt 288 Stunden mit Weihnachtsvorbereitungen. Das sind ganze 12 Tage und Nächte!

Deshalb hat Golden Glades heute mit Goodbye Stress ein tiefenentspanntes Musikprogramm zusammengestellt. Ganz ohne Weihnachtsgedöns, einfach nur so zum Runterkommen und Absatteln (und natürlich nicht nur für Hausfrauen). Zartschmelzende Unterstützung gibt es u.a von Steady Holiday, Angelo De Augustine und Ben Watt.

Diese Sendung war zu hören am Mittwoch, den 19.12.18 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
Wdh.: Samstag, 22.12. von 15:00-17:00 Uhr & Montag, 24.12. von 08:00-10:00 Uhr

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Monarch MtnTrick Of The
Owen DuffFlawed
Alexandra StreliskiPlus TotSecret City Records
Dean Wareham & Cheval SombreWayfaring StrangerDouble Feature
Jimmy CampbellIn My RoomVertigo
The Magic LanternLydiaHectic Eclectic
Jack CooperNorth of AnywhereTrouble In Mind
Steady HolidayAll AboardBarsuk
Still ParadeStrangerFeel Flows
The Beach BoysFeel FlowsBrother Records
Cameron AveryA Time and PlaceAnti-Record
Adrianne LenkerCradleSaddle Creek
John FaheyOn The Sunny Side Of The OceanTransatlantic Records
Common HollyPlaying HouseSolitaire Recordings
Shida ShahabiPetulaFatCat
EarlimartHold On Slow DownMajordomo Records
FensterLike A RiverAltin Village & Mine
Dwight SmithHighlandsSonisoma
The LemonheadsCan't ForgetFire Records
Ben WattNorth Marine DriveCherry Red
Stephen SteinbrinkYou Could Always LeaveMelodic
Teenage FanclubIf I Never See You AgainSony
Ally KerrUpgrade MeMuch Obliged
Angelo De AugustineTombAsthmatic Kitty
Angelo De AugustineTimeAsthmatic Kitty
The FernwehTimepieceSkeleton Key
Evan WrightThey Sayself-released
Duncan BrowneAlfred BellImmediate
Fenn is coolSo Do YouZ Tapes
Jessica RiskerZero Summer MindWestern Vinyl
FoxwarrenI'll Be AlrightAnti
Scott WalkerMontague Terrace (In Blue)Phillips
Shy BoysBell HousePolyvinyl

Super Duper

Es geht heute nicht weniger als erstklassig zu bei Golden Glades: Wir haben zum Beispiel super duper Lo-fi-Tunes von Lindsey Rae Radice im Angebot. Als Krankenschwester hat die Songschreiberin aus New Jersey bestimmt keinen einfachen Job. Dafür macht sie in ihrer Freizeit als PYNKIE besonders frohsinnige und leichtherzige Musik.

Super duper ist auch die komplexe Songwriter-Kunst von Niklas Kramer alias Still Parade. Sein neues Album Soon Enough wurde in kalifornische Sonne getaucht und klingt super-nostalgisch.

Schließlich kann auch der aktuelle Output von Stephen Steinbrink mehr als überzeugen, obwohl der amerikanische Songwriter mit Utopia Teased tief in seiner Gefühlswelt gräbt, um ein Trauma zu verarbeiten. Doch auch das ist, wie man es auch drehen und wenden mag, super duper. Da gibt’s nichts dran zu rütteln.

Diese Sendung war zu hören am Mittwoch, den 21.11.18 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
Wdh.: Samstag, 24.11. von 15:00-17:00 Uhr & Montag, 26.11. von 08:00-10:00 Uhr

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Marble SoundsThe Advice to Travel LightZealrecords
Cornelius Brothers & Sister RoseToo Late to Turn Back NowUnited Artists
Dylan MondegreenA Place In The SunSkiPop Records
Holly GolightlyObstaclesDamaged Goods
Salad BoysHatredTrouble In Mind
The Golden RailDon't Let Go Of The LightCandlestick Records
GospelbeacHFreeway to the CanyonAlive Naturalsound
Attic LightsNever By MyselfElefant
Stephen SteinbrinkA Part of Me is a Part of YouMelodic
Stephen SteinbrinkZappa DreamMelodic
Fenn is coolVertigoZ Tapes
Sky MataLucilleJigsaw
PaintTrue Love (Is Hard To Find)Mexican Summer
The Last DetailFairweather FriendElefant
ClickClickDeckerLŠuft Es Eher DanebenAudiolith
FoxwarrenIn Another LifeAnti
Patrick Siegfried ZimmerEternityPSZ Recordings
International MusicFarbiges LichtStaatsakt
WwomanFOAFuture Gods
The SeamsHold StillMeritorio Records
Pearl & The OystersMermaid ParadeCroque Madame
Still ParadePortalsFeel Flows
Still ParadeCanyonFeel Flows
Vinyl WilliamsEternityRequiem Pour Un Twister
Sea PinksA Man in My ConditionCF Records
PYNKIEShrinking VioletPlastic Response Records
PYNKIELooneyTunePlastic Response Records
Nicholas KrgovichTimeTin Angel Records
Advance BaseDolores & KimberlyRun For Cover
Big TideHide Me In Your SpaceshipA Turntable Friend
Po!Ever Been HadRutland Records

Good company

Entgegen anderslautender Gerüchte ist der beste Freund des Menschen nicht der Hund, sondern die Musik: eine universelle Begleiterin, in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten. Vom «Soundtrack des Lebens» ist gar die Rede, wenn uns eine Musik über längere Zeit begleitet und bedeutende Ereignisse markiert. Das klingt hoch gegriffen, aber nicht ZU hoch. Musik steuert unsere Emotionen, sie beruhigt, erfreut und tröstet, mit zartem Schmelz, stoischem Nicken oder lautem Getöse. Golden Glades stellt heute Musik vor, neue und alte, die das Zeug zur besten, loyalsten und einfühlsamsten Freundin hat. In diesem Sinne für good company sorgen heute Gabe Goodman, Girl Gaze sowie Altmeister J Mascis.

Diese Sendung war zu hören am Mittwoch, den 21.11.18 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
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Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsBrand New FriendPolydor
Howlong WolfI Bear That In MindDala Produkte
FrontpersonTick-Tock (Frontrunner)Oscar St. Records
Bill Ryder-JonesAnd Then There's YouDomino
Slow PulpAt
ClearanceGallery GlareTopshelf Records
J MascisElastic DaysSub Pop
J MascisI Went DustSub Pop
SUPER 8Angels & Neil DiamondFutureman Records
The Passmore SistersJune In The WaterVegetable Records
Laura GibsonGonersCity Slang
Moe TuckerLast NightSundazed
Lachlan DentonGravityBobo Integral
The Ocean PartyStubbornEmotional Response
Paul CherryChanging TimesFeeltrip
mylittlebrotherLove Song For An
The Magic LanternBetween the World and
Still ParadeAs Long
The Last DetailYou're Not MineElefant
The Last DetailTake My HandElefant
IogiMagic TrickRaw Tapes Records
Henry NowhereProblems of the HeartSleep Well Records
Jackson MacIntoshLuluSinderlyn
Girl GazeSuddenlyTeam Love
Gabe GoodmanThe Bandage and the WoundSalient Recordings
Gabe GoodmanFixed PointSalient Recordings
Fort JamsOn & OnPlastic Jurrasic
FoxwarrenTo BeAnti
Gia MargaretBirthdayOrindal Music
Songs For WalterTraitorsTallbird Records
Aby VulliamyGoodbye SongKaraoke Kalk

Musikalische Jahresuhr

Um sich optimal auf das frische Jahr einzustimmen, präsentiert Golden Glades heute Musik rund ums Jahr: ein Lied zu jedem Monat, eine Ode zu jeder Jahreszeit. Wir erleben im Schnelldurchlauf, wie die Erde auf ihrem Weg um die Sonne etwa 940 Millionen Kilometer zurücklegt, und begegnen dabei so unterschiedlichen Zeitgenossen wie Monomyth, Matt Pond PA und Sound of Ceres.


MonomythNew Year's ResolveMint Rec.
Kid ChameleonMake My
David GrayJanuary Rainiht Records
CayucasBig Winter JacketSecretly Canadian
Matt Pond PaIn Winter131 Records
John K. SamsonWinter WheatAnti
LeaplingAlabaster SnowExploding in Sound
MalandrosSeasons in the
Mutual BenefitSlow MarchMom + Pop Records
AdemSnow In AprilOneiric
The Innocence MissionSpring Is Written On Your DoorKorda
Red SandsLady Of SpringThe Barne Society
case/lang/veirsGreens of JuneAnti
The Kickstand
Jimmy WhispersVacationMoniker Records
Belle and SebastianI Know Where the Summer GoesJeepster
DropkickWhen The Summer Comes
Trust Fund4th AugustTurnstile
Salim NourallahPermanent
The VernesSummer's
Lawrence ArabiaO
FeltSeptember LadyCherry Red
Allah-LasAutumn DawnMexican Summer
The WaltersAutumn
Still ParadeSeasonsHit Or Heist
Stolen JarsAnother
Greg AshleyDecember MelodiesTrouble In Mind
Archer PrewittFinal SeasonCarrot Top
Magician & The Gates of LoveBanner
Sound of CeresHand Of WinterJoyful Noise
SeoulCarrying Home Food in WinterGrand Jury

Playlist 03.08.2016

Bummer in the Summer

Die Sachlage ist eindeutig: Es ist August und wir haben Sommer. Mit entsprechend unbeschwerter Leichtigkeit manövrieren wir uns durch die heutige Ausgabe von Golden Glades, es gibt Musik zu den Themen Sonne, Sand und Salzverlust.

Diese Sendung ist zu hören am Mittwoch, den 03.08.16 – 20.00-22.00 Uhr.
Wdh.: sonntags 10.00-12.00 Uhr auf: ByteFM und 917xfm.


The SchoolSummer's HereElefant
The VenturesPerfidiaDolton
Britta PhillipsOne Fine Summer MorningDouble Feature Records
Still ParadeWalk In The ParkHit Or Heist
Olivier HeimIt's Getting
Thursday's ChildrenAir-Conditioned ManInternational Artists
Spring KingThe SummerIsland
Scooter IslandBreezyAmuse-Bouche
JR JRIn My Mind (Summertime)Warner
David HessGirls Of SummerDiggler
Friedrich SunlightNicht ans MeerTapete
San FranciscoUna Vaina Bajo Tu CamaElefant
Kyle ForesterReflectionFlying Moonlight
The High LlamasThe Sun Beats DownV2
The ClienteleOn a Summer TrailPointy
Timber TimbreBlack WaterFull Time Hobby
Kim FowleyThe TripCorby
The ReflectionsSummer
CoastgaardDear NessieEntertainement One U.S.
Lloyd ThaxtonImage Of A SurferCapitol
Beach BabyLadybirdIsland
Roman LakesDays of SummerBleeding Gold
HibouIn The SunBarsuk
CrepesCold SummersDeaf Ambitions
Summer FictionDiamond Beachself-released
The JunipersSummer
LightshipsThe Warmth Of The SunDomino
Marthas & ArthursLazy
Belle And SebastianA Summer WastingJeepster
WeekendSummerdaysCherry Red
Wanda SaAdrianaSoul Jazz
Tonto & the RenegadesI Knew This Would HappenSound of the Screen
Bruce & TerrySummer Means FunColumbia
Jonathan RichmanThat Summer FeelingRounder Rec.
Preston LovinggoodSun SongCommunicating Vessels

Playlist 22.06.2016

Golden Glades – Typ C

Forscher der Universität Cambridge wollen herausgefunden haben, dass es einen Zusammenhang zwischen den Musikvorlieben und der Persönlichkeit eines Menschen gibt. Demnach lassen sich drei Typen unterscheiden: Gefühlsmenschen, die romantische Musik bevorzugen (Typ A); Systemiker, die es in der Musik gern intensiv und verschachtelt haben (Typ B); zuletzt die Ausgewogenen, die die Extreme meiden und auch musikalisch nach Balance trachten (Typ C). Sandra Zettpunkt wusste das alles schon vorher und bringt in der heutigen Golden Glades-Ausgabe ein gut austariertes Programm für Typ C: Mellow Tunes und Avant-pop, Rock und Elektronica.

Diese Sendung ist zu hören am Mittwoch, den 22.06.16 – 20.00-22.00 Uhr.
Wdh.: sonntags 10.00-12.00 Uhr auf: ByteFM und 917xfm.


The Kickstand BandHow it
HheavenKabbalist HeistAagoo Records
MitskiHappyDead Oceans
The 31st of FebruaryDifferent Kind Of HeadHenry Stone
Brave RadarJoin The TeamFixture Records
LeaplingShakin'Exploding in Sound
LeaplingSuspended AnimationExploding in Sound
William TylerI'm Gonna Live ForeverMerge
Campfires in WinterKopfkinoOlive Grove
Still ParadeConcrete VisionHit Or Heist
WhitneyDave's SongSecretly Canadian
Scott LissTables
Dinosaur Jr.TinyJagjaguwar
AlohaMoon ManPolyvinyl
Rick RedbeardThe Golden AgeChemikal Underground
Mutual BenefitThe HereafterMom + Pop Records
Andy ShaufEarly to the PartyAnti-
Cass MccombsOpposite HouseAnti-
ClassixxSafe InsideInnovative Leisure
YungMorning ViewFat Possum
Britta PhillipsFallin In LoveDouble Feature Records
Christiane RšsingerSeltsam, SeltsamStaatsakt
ThrowsThe HarbourFull Time Hobby
SegoStarsDine Alone
Alexis TaylorRepair ManMoshi Moshi
Kyle ForesterMake Up Their MindsFlying Moonlight
ALLAH-LASFamous Phone FigureMexican Summer
Troy von BalthazarAstridSiluh

Playlist 13.04.2016


Wenn der Frühling kommt und von den Bergen schaut, vollziehen sich in der Tiefebene grausame Rituale (das wusste schon Strawinsky). Unsere Moderatorin Sandra Zettpunkt hat daher ein Mixtape zusammengestellt, welches die Gemüter ein wenig beruhigen soll. Dies ohne viel Gerede. Zur potentiellen Entspannung der Lage tragen bei: Sound of Ceres, Sunflower Bean und Homeshake.


ModularLa Nina FantasticaElefant
Sound of CeresDagger Only RunJoyful Noise
Teen DazeValley of GardensPaper Bag
King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSenseHeavenly
Astronauts, etc.Eye to EyeHit City USA
Ben FoldsF10-D-ANew West Records
Jim NoirHonour & Moogswingsself-released
Working for a Nuclear Free CityStop EverythingMelodic
The American Analog SetMillion YoungTiger Style
Future ElevatorsJust Another DayCommunicating Vessels
Stephen SteinbrinkStaring at a
De RosaScott Fank JuniperRock Action
Carter TantonPoison in the DartWestern Vinyl
Marble SoundsThese Paintings Never DryZealrecords
Eric MatthewsEverything So RealSub Pop
Mass GothicNice NightSub Pop
Guy BlackmanStay On The BeatUnstable Ape
Hudson ScottClayself-released
FrokedalThe SignPropeller Recordings
Sunflower BeanI Want You to Give Me Enough TimeFat Possum
Still ParadeWalk In The ParkHeist or Hit
The MooversOne Little DanceBrent
The Golden PeppersSometimes (One Night)10K Islands
Marker StarlingHue and CryTin Angel Records
Susie AsadoThis Is Not RainPopup Records
Chuck JohnsonRoadside AuspiceTrouble In Mind
Kristofer AströmStupidityStartracks
EskimeauxWTFDouble Double Whammy
Tuff LoveCopperLost Map
Dead StarsUnpopularJoyful Noise
Fake LaughBirdsong LullabyFierce Panda
Silver FirsSilent RiteOh, Sister
Bob LindA Nameless RequestWorld Pacific

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