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Like Yesterday

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Like Yesterday klingen viele Songs von heute. Dieser Rückgriff auf althergebrachte Strukturen und Sounds: ist das nun als zeitlos zu bewerten? Oder als hoffnungslos nostalgisch? Oder gar als reaktionär? Oft genug kommt es vor, dass das Klangmaterial allein keine zuverlässige Aussage mehr darüber zulässt, ob ein Song nun alt oder neu ist, denn manch heutige Musikschaffende sind historisch so gut informiert, dass das popmusikalische Zeitkolorit bis ins kleinste Detail rekonstruiert wird. Mit Like Yesterday wollen wir uns heute diesem Phänomen widmen und hören aktuelle Sounds, die sich aus vergangenen Tagen speisen, zwischen Sixties Beat, Krautrock und Power Pop.

Diese Sendung war zu hören am Mittwoch, den 27.03.19 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
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Aus der Lebensschule

Playlist ByteFM Webradio für gute Musik Keine Sauregurkenzeit

Man wundert sich doch gelegentlich, wie viel Weisheit in so einem Popsong stecken kann – ganze Weltbetrachtungen in dreieinhalb Minuten! Marker Starling etwa sieht man die Erfahrung ja förmlich an, wenn er als Crooner am Bühnenrand steht und allerhand Einsichten aus seiner Lebensschule von sich gibt – man kann sie auch hören, auf seinem neuen Album Trust an Amateur. Oder der smarte Indiepop von Deerhunter, wobei die Lebensklugheit in diesem Falle auch von der Marfan-Erkrankung des Sängers herrühren mag. Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? ist unser aktuelles ByteFM-Album der Woche; es weiß, philosophische Zwischenfragen und apokalyptische Szenarien in exzellenten Pop zu verpacken. Diesen und weiteren erkenntnisreichen Beispielen an Lebensschulen widmen wir uns in der heutigen Sendung.

Diese Sendung war zu hören am Mittwoch, den 016.01.19 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
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Best of 2018

Best Of 2018 Shy Boys The Fernweh Lake Ruth Teenage Fanclub Ari Roar Tony Molina

I listen to an awful lot of music every day, it’s my job and responsibility as a radio presenter. But most of all, it’s a labour of love digging out interesting stuff, making new discoveries in all directions. The end of the year makes me think of my ultimate favourite tunes, which is never an easy thing to do. However, here’s some kind of a Best Of list with some records and artists I especially enjoyed in 2018.

Adrianne Lenker – “Abysskiss” (Saddle Creek)

Some of you are probably familiar with Lenker as a guitarist and vocalist in Brooklyn-based indie rock band Big Thief. Her full-length solo record is a stripped-down singer-/songwriter approach and with this, she’s covering intimate emotions on her stroll along the abyss. In a way it’s hauntingly intense, but nevertheless comfort for your soul. Adrianne Lenker shows a subtle, otherworldly brilliance with her light fingerpicking on acoustic guitar while her songs are thoughtful, deep and poignant. And with this combination, there’s a true affinity to other outstanding artists like Judee Sill or Connie Converse.


Ari Roar – “Calm Down” (Bella Union)

Sometimes it’s true: great art comes from great pain. Adrianne Lenker has quite a history with being born into a religious cult and she almost died, when a railroad spike crashed her skull as a kid. And she managed to create something special in the wake of the tragedy, just like Caleb Campbell alias Ari Roar. The Texan singer-songwriter struggled with panic attacks from early on. As a late teenager, he had an operation on the spine, which left him bed-bound for months. Of course, these experiences have an impact. And in this case, he’s doing the best by channelling it into beautiful melodic lo-fi pop. The sweet miniatures on Calm Down might sound effortlessly in the first place, but there’s something else underneath the surface, with traces of doubts and fear. It’s a glorious debut for repeat listens.


Clearance – “At Your Leisure” (Topshelf)

This band provides a compelling sound by picking up familiar indie rock in a modern way. They create something fresh and interesting and already got a lot of praise here in my blog. If you like passionate, bright guitar music from the 80ties and 90ties, you should listen to this one.


Field Music – “Open Here” (Memphis Industries)

Whenever there’s a new Field Music record, it always ends up in my top ten of the year. Again, the spacious production on Open Here is exquisite, the compositions are intricate and classy. Field Music are ambitious, but they have all the knowledge and the talent to follow their visions. It’s a beautiful and well-crafted record that needs to be heard, because it has something to say. Maybe it’s all a bit too smart to reach the big crowd – but I’m sure the time will eventually come and Field Music get all the praise they deserve.


Lake Ruth – “Birds of America” (Feral Child Records)

They like to go under the banner “baroque pop”, but there’s so much more to discover in the music of Lake Ruth: from folk to jazz to avant-pop. I’m a fan of Matt Schulz since his days with Enon – he’s an excellent, versatile drummer. And singer Allison Brice, she has a way of phrasing her poetic lyrics in meandering harmonies like no other. All backed-up by a multi-layered smooth texture with a slight vintage touch. Lake Ruth are quite unique doing their own thing, and Birds of America is nothing less but an awe-inspiring masterpiece.


Shy Boys – “Bell House” (Polyvinyl)

Undeniably, these guys know how to sing! And the harmonies all perfectly meld together. It’s a special quality that only happens, when siblings start a band. The family sound is so intriguing because the harmonies are amazingly organic. Music history is filled with such examples and just like Field Music, the Shy Boys are band of brothers, supported by a couple of best friends. I summoned up a rave review earlier this year in my little blog here.


Stephen Steinbrink – “Utopia Teased” (Melodic / Western Vinyl)

This singer-/songwriter is a terrific talent. And again, we have an artist here, who knows a lot about the dark stuff in life. Stephen Steinbrink was left devastated after a fateful fire during a warehouse party in Oakland, California that killed 36 people in December 2016. After a couple of months stunned with grief, Steinbrink quit a minimum wage job, locked himself up in a shipping container with all sorts of music equipment, stimulated by a daily diet of LSD. And the songs started pouring out of him. Utopia Teased sounds a bit different, less perfect than his previous records. It’s a bit more daring with field recordings and synthesizers, but again it’s a collection of beautiful songs with substance and a hidden treasure for eternity.


Still Parade – “Soon Enough” (Feel Flows)

This is a very fine piece of work from Berlin, but made with love in LA. It feels like Niklas Kramer had a very clear vision for his new Still Parade album and he obviously put a lot of effort and thought into it. It sounds warm like a cozy blanket and puts the listener at ease. Of course, the Beach Boys influence is evident, but in a clever way. Smart harmonies combined with a startling sense of intimacy, and the formidable production brings out a nice vintage flair. It’s the kind of music that makes the world a better place. Sometimes, that’s just what you need.


The Fernweh – “The Fernweh” (Skeleton Key)

Yes, I am repeating myself here – I already picked this album for my Best Of list two years ago! Back then, I received a promotional copy from the band directly. Thankfully, it just got a proper release via Skeleton Key because this sublime debut is really exceptional. It’s a beautiful collection of hazy late 60s, early 70s inspired folk and pop, combined with a gentle nod to British psychedelia. Treat yourself & give it a listen, if you’re not already familiar with this. The Fernweh demonstrate an exceptional level of song craft and the record deepens with every listen.


Tony Molina – “Kill The Lights” (Slumberland)

Tony Molina is deeply rooted in 60s songwriting and DIY aesthetics. With Kill The Lights, he created a truly glorious pop record by offering 10 tracks in under 15 minutes. His sensitive songs are infectious and short to the point. Just like Ari Roar, Tony Molina is able to put it all into a 60-second song and I never get tired of listening – again and again. This really is a lovely, but as well soul-baring record.


Teenage Fanclub – Vinyl-Reissues (Sony)

Why should I be interested into these reissues when I already have all the vinyl of Teenage Fanclub in my collection? Well, guitarist and singer Raymond McGinley of the band explained to me: back in the 90s, the vinyl was just a copy of the CD. But if you want the best vinyl sound, you need a special mastering. That’s basically, what Teenage Fanclub did: they took the original master tapes, worked through all of them at Abbey Road Studios and improved the mastering for this new vinyl edition. And it really does make a difference, especially the new pressing of 1993s Thirteen is now more immediate and has a much better dynamic. Also, each essential album includes a bonus seven-inch single, mostly of tracks which originally appeared only on CD singles and EPs. To promote all these reissues from the Creation era, Teenage Fanclub played a very special concert series in Great Britain. Here’s my review of the nights in Birmingham and London, which also marks my concert highlight of 2018.


SUPER 8 – T-T-T-Technicolour Melodies/Turn Around Or…/HI LO (Futureman Rec)

Frequent listeners of my radio show already know about SUPER 8 – Paul Ryan a.k.a. Trip got a lot of airplay in 2018. Not only, because he put out a lovely mix of guitar pop as a one-man-band with all sorts of instruments like cello and trumpet. He also managed to surprise again and again with new top material. Three homemade full lengths were released this year on Futureman Records and it’s hard to pick a favourite album really. Each release is kind of special and filled with a laid-back and sunny charm. Backed up now and again with some thoughtful songs and well-curated cover versions. It looks like SUPER 8 will be back in 2019 with a more acoustic-based album – a thing looking forward to!

23th December 2018

Goodbye Stress

Playlist ByteFM Webradio für gute Musik Keine Sauregurkenzeit

Sind alle Weihnachtsbriefe in der Post? Tante Erna nicht vergessen? Kekse gebacken? Baum geschmückt? Lichterkette intakt? Geschenke verpackt? Wohnung auf Vordermann gebracht? Glühwein angesetzt für die Firmenfeier? Kuchen für den Kindergarten? Wichtelgeschenke für die Schule? Welches Menü wird serviert? Ofen kaputt, was mach ich jetzt mit der Gans? Sitzen noch Veganer mit am Tisch?

Alle Jahre wieder werden die Tage kurz vor Weihnachten noch mal richtig hektisch. Laut einer britischen Studie verbringen Hausfrauen (von Hausmännern ist in besagter Studie nicht die Rede) im Schnitt 288 Stunden mit Weihnachtsvorbereitungen. Das sind ganze 12 Tage und Nächte!

Deshalb hat Golden Glades heute mit Goodbye Stress ein tiefenentspanntes Musikprogramm zusammengestellt. Ganz ohne Weihnachtsgedöns, einfach nur so zum Runterkommen und Absatteln (und natürlich nicht nur für Hausfrauen). Zartschmelzende Unterstützung gibt es u.a von Steady Holiday, Angelo De Augustine und Ben Watt.

Diese Sendung war zu hören am Mittwoch, den 19.12.18 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
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Still ParadeStrangerFeel Flows
The Beach BoysFeel FlowsBrother Records
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Adrianne LenkerCradleSaddle Creek
John FaheyOn The Sunny Side Of The OceanTransatlantic Records
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Shida ShahabiPetulaFatCat
EarlimartHold On Slow DownMajordomo Records
FensterLike A RiverAltin Village & Mine
Dwight SmithHighlandsSonisoma
The LemonheadsCan't ForgetFire Records
Ben WattNorth Marine DriveCherry Red
Stephen SteinbrinkYou Could Always LeaveMelodic
Teenage FanclubIf I Never See You AgainSony
Ally KerrUpgrade MeMuch Obliged
Angelo De AugustineTombAsthmatic Kitty
Angelo De AugustineTimeAsthmatic Kitty
The FernwehTimepieceSkeleton Key
Evan WrightThey Sayself-released
Duncan BrowneAlfred BellImmediate
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Jessica RiskerZero Summer MindWestern Vinyl
FoxwarrenI'll Be AlrightAnti
Scott WalkerMontague Terrace (In Blue)Phillips
Shy BoysBell HousePolyvinyl


Playlist ByteFM Webradio für gute Musik Keine Sauregurkenzeit

Singer-/ Songwriter sind keine bedrohte Art. Dass ihr Bestand stabil ist, zeigt sich gerade in den Sommermonaten, wenn die Vertreter*innen dieser Spezies aus ihren Löchern kriechen und das Licht der Öffentlichkeit suchen. Dem saisonalen Phänomen trägt Golden Glades heute Rechnung, mit einer Sendung voll klebriger Melodien, luftig-leichter und warmer Sommermusik von Leuten, die ihr Zeug selber schreiben.

Diese Sendung ist zu hören am Mittwoch, den 04.04.18 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
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The SpiresIn PiecesFop Music
The Golden RailFined For
Major MurphyMaryWinspear Records
Charles WatsonEverything Goes RightMoshi Moshi
Kadhja BonetAnother Time LoverFat Possum
June GloomCaliforniaExploding in Sound Records
Simon LoveAll This Dicking AroundTapete
Blank TapesCandyPIAPTK Recordings
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The FernwehNext Time AroundSkeleton Key
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Lord High AdmiralsJaponica Knotweed Of The Summer BedsFutureman Records
Dot DashSummer LightBeautiful Music

Let there be POP!

Playlist ByteFM Webradio für gute Musik Keine Sauregurkenzeit

Let there be POP! – POP! in Großbuchstaben und mit Ausrufezeichen: Das steht für bestechendes Songwerk mit Melodien für die Ewigkeit. Dafür gibt es kein Patentrezept, denn der Begriff ist äußerst dehnbar – von der orchestralen Maximalgeste bis hin zum privaten Lo-fi-Entwurf kann POP! ganz unterschiedliche Erscheinungsformen annehmen. Ein paar davon wollen wir uns heute anhören.

Diese Sendung war zu hören am Mittwoch, den 31.01.18 – 20:00-22:00 Uhr.
Wdh.: Samstag, 03.02. von 15:00-17:00 Uhr & Montag, 05.02. von 08:00-10:00 Uhr

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Benjamin SchoosAll Night Every Night Freaksville Music
62 Miles From SpaceTime ShiftsMega Dodo
Hong Kong In The 60sOut In The
The PosiesFlavor Of The MonthGeffen
The TimesWhatever Happened To Thamesbeat?Tapete
The Go! TeamChico's Radical DecadeMemphis Industries
Tango With LionsPhoeniciaInner Ear Records
David KittStill Don't KnowAll City Records
Field MusicTime In JoyMemphis Industries
DinersNothing Ain't
Sidney GishImpostor
Blake BabiesOut ThereMammoth
EyelidsSlow It GoesJealous Butcher
Pete AstorWalkerTapete
The Golden RailImperfectlyPretty Olivia
KiddCyan SerenPretty Olivia
Charles HowlMeet Lou's NeedsOh Many Records
Lake RuthJulia's CallFeral Child
NADINECan't Be HelpedMemphis Industries
Green SeagullBlack and WhiteMega Dodo
Benjamin JonesLight Up The RoomPlastic Jurrasic
Duncan BrowneNinepence Worth Of WalkingImmediate
The Yellow MelodiesOur Time is OverBeautiful Music

Best of 2016

Golden Glades – Best Of 2016

I think it’s been a pretty good year for music and it was not easy to make a final decision, but here they are: my highlights of 2016!

Best album:

Teenage Fanclub: Here (PeMa)
Field Music: Commontime (Memphis Industries)
Andy Shauf: The Party (Anti)
Leapling: Suspended Animation (Exploding in Sound)
Whitney: Light Upon The Lake (Secretly Canadian)
The Divine Comedy: Foreverland (Divine Comedy Records)
Dropkick: Balance The Light (self-released)
The Fernweh: The Fernweh (self-released)
NZCA Lines: Infinite Summer (Memphis Industries)
Stephen Steinbrink: Anagrams (Melodic)

Best song:

Ryley Walker: A Choir Apart (Dead Oceans)
Drugdealer: Suddenly (ft. Weyes Blood) (Weird World)
Lawrence Arabia: Sweet Dissatisfaction (Flying Nun)
Jons: Trip Ads (self-released)
Roar: Explosion Of Birds (self-released)
Soft Hair: Lying Has To Stop (Weird World)
Chris Cohen: Yesterday’s on My Mind (Captured Tracks)
Doug Tuttle: Make Good Time (Trouble In Mind)
Hologram Teen: Marsangst (Happy Robots)
Teleman: Düsseldorf (Moshi Moshi)

If you missed some of these, please check them out – you won’t regret it!

Leise rieselt Musik

Bedächtig aus den Winterwolken rieselnder Schnee hat das Zeug dazu, uns im Nu zu verzaubern. Für die akustische Alltags-Berieselung gilt dies leider nicht, ganz im Gegenteil: Kaufhaus- und Fahrstuhlmusik rauben uns den letzten Nerv. Diese fatale Dichotomie gedenkt Golden Glades heute aufzuheben, mit versöhnlichen mellow tunes, sanft wie Schneeflocken, dabei weitgehend frei von Schmalz und Sülze. Mit dabei im berückenden Gestöber: Prefab Sprout, Dr. Dog und The Shacks.

Diese Sendung ist zu hören am Mittwoch, den 21.12.16 von 20:00 – 22:00 Uhr auf: ByteFM und 917xfm und ab 21:00 auf ALEX Berlin. Wdh.: samstags 15.00-17.00 Uhr (ByteFM only).


GonzalesSlow DownMercury
Sam EvianCactusSaddle Creek
Michael NauThe GlassFull Time Hobby
Teenage FanclubThe Darkest Part Of The NightPeMa
Barbara McNairCome Back HalfwayMotown
Dr. DogCould've Happened to
John SouthworthLast Passenger Pigeon in OhioTin Angel Records
Kathryn Williams & Anthony KerrEvery Time We Say GoodbyeOne Little Indian
The FernwehTimepieceself-released
Virginia AstleySummer Of Their DreamsHappy Valley
Prefab SproutCruelKitchenware
Iko CherieDreamin'Elefant
HochzeitskapelleBe PetGutfeeling Records
James Elkington & Nathan SalsburgReel Around the FountainParadise of Bachelors
Stephen SteinbrinkWhat Identity?Melodic
Hope Sandoval & The Warm InventionsLet Me Get ThereTendril Tales
Pavo PavoAnnie HallBella Union
The Lemon TwigsHow Lucky Am I?4AD
Ronnie D'AddarioHere We Are AgainHomburg Records
Busman's HolidaySee The RainJoyful Noise
SnowblinkTurn to LightOutside Music
Hanging ValleysCoast
The ShacksAudrey HepburnBig Crown
DrugdealerEasy To ForgetWeird World
DiagramsIt's Only LightBookshop Records
Jay WoodwardBelieve the Honest in Your
Bored NothingCharlie's CreekSpunk
Everything But The GirlEach And Every OneWEA
StarlessStarless (Cam Nisbit rmx)Marina Records
Alex IzenbergGraceWeird World


Man soll ja gar nicht so viel zu sich nehmen, gerade am Abend, sonst drohen Abgeschlagenheit und Magendrücken. Weil das so ist, serviert Golden Glades ausschließlich Feinkost in hauchzarten Scheiben, Delikatessen in überschaubarer Dosis, feine Häppchen für den ausgesuchten Geschmack. Schluss mit dem allzu fetten Zeugs, das einem allerorts entgegentrieft! Her mit The Lemon Twigs, Snowblink, Miniature Tigers und weiteren Kleinigkeiten.


Hot PandaSame
First TigerSmiley's Funeralself-released
FoxygenFollow The LeaderJagjaguwar
The Lemon TwigsBaby, Baby4AD
Alex IzenbergPeopleWeird World
The Strangest FeelingLove
Lloyd ColeChelsea HotelOscar
MonomythRe: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)Mint Rec.
Nap EyesRoll ItParadise Of Bachelors
The Wave PicturesPanama HatMoshi Moshi
The YearningFools Fall In LoveElefant
Weyes BloodSeven WordsMexican Summer
CebraCold IceTrashkid Records
Parekh & SinghNewbury StreetPeacefrog
American FootballMy Instincts Are the EnemyWichita
Papa MWalking on CoronadoDrag City
American WrestlersTerrible YouthFat Possum
Working for a Nuclear Free CityBottlerocketMelodic
Other HousesJar Of MarblesAagoo Records
Adrian Teacher & the SubsI Feel The
Stephen's ShoreTurn Your
Miniature TigersBefore YouYebo
The FernwehThe Liarself-released
Early Spring HorsesThe Northern BlotSend the Wood Music
SnowblinkReturning CurrentOutside Music
Devendra BanhartJon Lends a HandNonesuch
Michael NauMaralouFull Time Hobby

Johann Sebastian Beatles

Wer den lieben langen Tag durch die Musiklandschaft streift, vergisst gerne, auf welcher Mission er oder sie eigentlich unterwegs ist. In Momenten seltener Klarheit und stiller Einkehr wird jedoch deutlich: Was Golden Glades ausmacht, ist das Erbe sinfonischer Popmusik der 1960er Jahre. Die Polyphonie, der große Song mit Harmoniegesang, aber auch Missgunst und Verzweiflung. In diesem komplizierten Feld wird man mal mehr und mal weniger fündig. Heute mit dabei: The Fernweh, Friedrich Sunlight und Gruff Rhys.


Cheers ElephantShake
Elephant StoneLove Is Like a Spinning WheelElephants On Parade
The John Steel SingersWeekend LoverCreate/Control
Hazel EnglishMake It BetterMarathon Artists
Kristin HershSoma Gone SlapstickOmnibus Press
Devendra BanhartFancy ManNonesuch
Gruff RhysSet Fire to the StarsFinders Keepers
Busman's HolidayWhat We Need We KnowJoyful Noise
Sleeping BagPeace in the
Hooton Tennis ClubKaty-Anne BellisHeavenly
DTCVL'Accord parfaitXemu Records
Ultra Vivid SceneThe Mercy SeatRough Trade
The MolesDreamlandFire Records
CardinalIf You Believe In Christmas TreesFire Records
Divine ComedyTo The RescueDivine Comedy Records
The FernwehNext Time Aroundself-released
Cotton MatherQueen of SwordsApple Kingdom
The Lemon TwigsThese Words4AD
Bored NothingBlissSpunk
Wedding Ring BellsNeat No (Pushing On a Square)
Friedrich SunlightSommer Samstag AbendTapete
LeichtmetallMit dem Bauch an die WandKaraoke Kalk
Virginia WingLocal LoopFire Records
Boxed InForgetNettwerk
Benoit PioulardA Mantle for CharonKranky
Ultimate PaintingSong for Brian JonesTrouble In Mind
The JunipersSay