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Best of 2017

Best of 2017 Corridor, Mauno, This is the Kit, Onmi, Hands Habit. Brent Cash, Crepes, Faith Healer

Here I am, doing it all wrong again by releasing my Best of 2017 list way before Xmas. Every year it shows, that I discover fabulous artists with some delay and I feel sorry these albums are missing the list, only because I wasn’t quick enough! Like in 2016, I failed to mention these excellent records:

Merk: Swordfish (self-released)
Snails: Safe in Silence (Fearl Child Records)
Minta & The Brook Trout: Slow (NorteSul)
CaStLeS: Foresteering (Hafod Mastering)
Ben Reed: Station Masters (Gare Du Nord)

If you haven’t heard of any of those artists, please check them out!

And here they are, the winners of the 2017 Golden Glades award:


Corridor: Supermercado (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
Mauno: Tuning (Tin Angel)
This Is the Kit: Moonshine Freeze (Rough Trade)
Brent Cash: The New High (Marina Records)
Raoul Vignal: The Silver Veil (Talitres)
The Parson Red Heads: Blurred Harmony (Fluff and Gravy)
Crepes: Channel Four (Deaf Ambition)
Sweet Baboo: Wild Imagination (Moshi Moshi)
Andrew Taylor: From The Outside Looking In (Rock Indiana)
Hand Habits: Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) (Woodsist)
Omni: Multi-Task (Trouble In Mind)
Faith Healer: Try (Mint Records)
Balduin: Bohemian Garden (self-released)
The Proper Ornaments: Foxhole (Tough Love)
Travis Bretzer: Bubble Gum (Human Sounds)
Baby Island: Break the Lease (Hello Records)
Human Heat: All Is Too Much (Offline Records)
Midnight Sister: Saturn Over Sunset (Jagjaguwar)

Of course this list is a purely subjective affair, but if you feel like I missed a highlight, please let me know!!

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Troubled Times

Der Weltgeist lässt keinen Zweifel: Wir leben in beunruhigenden Zeiten. Wie gut, dass Golden Glades eine Sendung ist, die sich dem Antizyklischen verschrieben hat. Gönnen wir uns zwischendurch ein paar affirmative Klänge, die runtergehen wie Milch und Honig. Mit dabei against all odds: Die Regierung, Elf Power und The Sound Of Money.


Matthew SweetHelloHoneycomb Hideout
Travis BretzerPeace Love and HarmonyHuman Sounds
Katie Von SchleicherLife's A LieFull Time Hobby
Die Liga der gewöhnlichen GentlemenDie Welt braucht mehr Leute so wie dichTapete
Die RegierungImmer mehr so wie du bistStaatsakt
Elf PowerAll Things CombinedOrange Twin
Minta & The Brook
IdaThe Killers 1964Polyvinyl
Linda PerhacsChimacum RainSunbeam Records
Cory HansonReplicaDrag City
Ralegh LongTake Your Mind BackMake It New Records
The Parson Red HeadsIn a DreamYou Are The Cosmos
ArmstrongBreak It In Two (Acoustic)Beautiful Music
S K Y T O N ESecond Hand ShopsBeautiful Music
Sweet BabooPink RainbowMoshi Moshi
The Sound Of MoneyNo - So Easy DeclaredBB*Island
Bing Austria & Flippin Soul StompersPisbolFun In The Church/Staatsakt
Jon TabakinIt's Never Too Late to SmileTapete
VLIVMGoing HomeDiscos de Kilrlian
TriptidesRewindRequiem Pour Un Twister
Duncan BrowneOn The BombsiteImmediate
CHIMNEYPaintings Are the Only Place...Dine Alone
Sea PinksShock of the NewCF Records
PalehoundFlowing OverSydvolio Records
Free Cake for Every CreatureAll You Gotta Be When You're
The Man From ManagraIn This CenturyInner Ear Records
She Keeps BeesHead Of SteakBB*Island
The John-PaulsOh Shit!Aagoo Records
Jeff Özdemir & TigerlilyDada Nr. 1Karaoke Kalk
Jake Xerxes FussellJump for JoyParadise of Bachelors

Moderne Meister

Was zeichnet den so genannten Meister aus? In der Regel haben wir es mit jemandem zu tun, der sein Handwerk besonders gut versteht. Bei Golden Glades liegt der Fokus heute auf Musikschaffenden, die sich in einer selbst gewählten Disziplin an die Spitze des Feldes gesetzt haben: seien es flinke Finger, hellsichtige Harmonien oder historisch sauber hergeleitete Konzepte ­– das Meisterhafte findet sich auf ganz unterschiedlichen Ebenen. In dieser Sendung sorgt es vor allem für eines: gute Unterhaltung!


Travis BretzerAre You Ever Gonna Change?Human Sounds
Sweet BabooWild ImaginationMoshi Moshi
Robert WyattThe Age Of SelfDomino
Marker StarlingPerfect DayTin Angel Records
Laetitia Sadier Source EnsembleThe Woman With The Invisible NecklaceDrag City
Big ThiefMythological BeautySaddle Creek
(Sandy) Alex GProudDomino
Tara Jane O'NeilSandGnomonsong
Will StrattonLight BlueBella Union
Raoul VignalSide By SideTalitres
Woodpigeon & Norman BlakeBrutish
BMX BanditsMy Girl MidgeElefant
sir WasIn The MidstCity Slang
Japanese BreakfastBoyishDead Oceans
Richard DawsonOgreWeird World
The Sound Of MoneyYou Got The Song From Rotten SydBB*Island
DIAGRAMSI Tell MyselfBookshop Records
FeltworthForget This FeelingDezman Productions
BalduinA Song For The
The TomsI Wanna Get My Hands On
Oro Swimming HourMarshal Arts Washing CarsArt Is Hard
Land of TalkYes You WereSaddle Creek
Adult MomJ StationTiny Engines
Soccer MommyBe Seeing
Couleur DessinFind Me EasilyFixture Records
Friend RouletteJoanPretty Purgatory
Trimdon Grange ExplosionTwenty-Four HoursBorley Rectory
Lake RuthThe Greenfield
Current SwellMarshaNettwerk
Jane WeaverModern KosmologyFire Records