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Best of 2017

Best of 2017 Corridor, Mauno, This is the Kit, Onmi, Hands Habit. Brent Cash, Crepes, Faith Healer

Here I am, doing it all wrong again by releasing my Best of 2017 list way before Xmas. Every year it shows, that I discover fabulous artists with some delay and I feel sorry these albums are missing the list, only because I wasn’t quick enough! Like in 2016, I failed to mention these excellent records:

Merk: Swordfish (self-released)
Snails: Safe in Silence (Fearl Child Records)
Minta & The Brook Trout: Slow (NorteSul)
CaStLeS: Foresteering (Hafod Mastering)
Ben Reed: Station Masters (Gare Du Nord)

If you haven’t heard of any of those artists, please check them out!

And here they are, the winners of the 2017 Golden Glades award:


Corridor: Supermercado (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
Mauno: Tuning (Tin Angel)
This Is the Kit: Moonshine Freeze (Rough Trade)
Brent Cash: The New High (Marina Records)
Raoul Vignal: The Silver Veil (Talitres)
The Parson Red Heads: Blurred Harmony (Fluff and Gravy)
Crepes: Channel Four (Deaf Ambition)
Sweet Baboo: Wild Imagination (Moshi Moshi)
Andrew Taylor: From The Outside Looking In (Rock Indiana)
Hand Habits: Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) (Woodsist)
Omni: Multi-Task (Trouble In Mind)
Faith Healer: Try (Mint Records)
Balduin: Bohemian Garden (self-released)
The Proper Ornaments: Foxhole (Tough Love)
Travis Bretzer: Bubble Gum (Human Sounds)
Baby Island: Break the Lease (Hello Records)
Human Heat: All Is Too Much (Offline Records)
Midnight Sister: Saturn Over Sunset (Jagjaguwar)

Of course this list is a purely subjective affair, but if you feel like I missed a highlight, please let me know!!

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Heute kümmern wir uns um Musik, die sich aus dem Baukasten der Geschichte bedient. Die Vorstellung, dass sich nichts Neues mehr erfinden ließe, weil alles schon einmal da gewesen sei, stammt aus den 1970er Jahren und ist damit selbst schon wieder historisch. Trotzdem haben wir es derzeit wieder mit Musik voller Zitate und Referenzen zu tun – Golden Glades sucht sie aus und spielt sie ab, ohne gleich eine Theorie daraus bauen zu wollen.



Insecure MenSubaru NightFat Possum
Buffalo KillersEvil ThoughtsAlive
Bed RugsDriftWaste My Records
My Sad CaptainsEverything At The End Of EverythingBella Union
The Soda StreamNot In TimeOff Ya Tree
The SeamsLemonadeHand Drawn Dracula
MirahThe LightAbsolute Magnitude
ILKSalty WeatherAccidental
MaunoHandTin Angel Records
Seamus FogartyHeels Over HeadDomino
Peter OrenBurden Of ProofWestern Vinyl
Simon JoynerEarthquakeBB*Island
Chain & the GangExperimental MusicRadical Elite Records
The Go! TeamSemicircle SongMemphis Industries
Fitness ForeverArbre Magique (Feat. Juniore)Elefant
Greek TheatrePaper MoonSugarbush Records
The SmokeOdysseySidewalk
The Lemon TwigsWhy Didn't You Say That?4AD
EndzThe Well62TV
CorridorCoup d'epeeRequiem Pour Un Twister
OmniSouthbound StationTrouble In Mind
AquasergeTour Du MondeCrammed Discs
Acid Baby JesusLilac DaysFuzz Club
Melt MountainSaturdaysInner Ear Records
Midnight SisterShimmyJagjaguwar
Hologram TeenBartok in CPolytechnic Youth
FrancobolloUSOSquare Leg
Soft PeopleAmerican
PalehoundSilver ToasterSydvolio Records